Better Business Bureau Scam

Is the Better Business Bureau (BBB) a Scam?

Many companies report that in order to get a decent rating with the BBB, you must pay the outrageous membership fees that range from $200 to $500. A lot of companies have thousands, or even six digit numbers of visitors a year, but when they receive even two complaints on the BBB website, their rating drops from an A + or – all the way down to a C or lower.

Two companies that are listed and accredited with at least A ratings on the Better Business Bureau should not even be considered to have top rankings with the BBB. Those two are Hamas and StormFront.

Hamasmeaning Islamic Resistance Movement – is declared a terrorist organization by the United States, Israel, Canada and Japan. They claim to have started the organization to liberate Palestine from Israeli oppression and to establish an Islamic state. Hamas has also been responsible for suicide bombings and rocket attacks over the last 17 years. The Hamas ‘business’ was listed with the Better Business Bureau as having an A-minus rating and that goes to show you what will happen if you pay the BBB their high membership fees. Hamas payed $425 for their A-minus. After the A-minus rating of Hamas was mentioned to the President of the Better Business Bureau, Steve Cox, he claimed that the BBB made a plain and simple mistake. The next day, the rating of Hamas dropped. How many other businesses have they made mistakes with?

StormFronta skinhead, neo-Nazi group – was given an A-plus rating by the BBB after they also contributed a hefty membership fee with the Better Business Bureau. Some claim that this StormFront organization was made just to prove that the BBB will give an A rating to anybody that is willing to pay them, and, if this is true, they might have very well been right.

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck has a F rating with the BBB because he absolutely refuses to pay them the money they need for membership fees. A person like Wolfgang Puck should not have a rating of F just because he doesn’t pay the membership fees to the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Puck is a renowned culinary artist and is praised by hundreds and thousands of people but he still gets a bad rating.

It’s almost a guarantee that you could simply create a terrible company, make it the most unappreciated business in the U.S. and just pay the Better Business Bureau their membership fee, you’ll look green across the board. Many believe that the BBB is a scam indeed when it comes to having good ratings.